Post-apocalyptic 2D visual novel game by MDT

  • Genre: Interactive novel game
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux and iPad
  • Theme: Post-apocalypse 2026
  • Localization: English (US)
  • Release date: Q3, 2017

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Help us shape the final product before release. Pre-order now to take part in our closed BETA testing phase for backers.
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What you get:

Media Pack

Available now

You will receive 10 exclusive wallpapers and a desktop calendar to help you delve into the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of The Seed. In addition you will be signed up for the development newsletter.

Act 1

Est. delivery: Q2 2015

A full digital copy of The Seed Act 1 when it is thoroughly tested by our exclusive team of BETA testers. You will receive a version for a platform of your choosing (PC, Mac or Ipad). SURVIVOR tier included.

Development Booklet

Est. delivery: Q2 2015

Along with a full digital copy of The Seed Act 1 for a platform of your choosing you will receive the digital Development Booklet full of production secrets, facts, photos and special backstage insight. SURVIVOR and SCAVENGER tiers included.

Musical Score + Concept Artwork

Available now

You are in for a treat - you will receive the exclusive Musical Score in mp3 format and a meaty, digital Concept Artwork DPF featuring used and unused HD artworks and sketches. All above tiers included.

Act 1 BETA Access + Making-of Video

Available now

Help us shape the final product before release. You will be invited to participate in an early BETA testing phase for The Seed Act 1 on PC/Mac + receive the Making-Of Video showcasing the good backstage stuff. All above tiers included.

The complete series

Est. delivery: 2015

Pre-purchase of The Seed Act 1+2+3 as digital download upon completion of each Act - you will also have BETA access to all three of them beforehand! Help the team improve and shape the game, the themes, the names, the locations, etc. All above tiers included.

Hardcover Art Book

Available now

Signed and numbered hardcopy Art Book featuring HD concept artwork, design insight and visual secrets + DVD packed with full collection of wallpapers, digital sketches and drawings. Global shipping included. All above tiers included.

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